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Regression 2015 720p BluRay 450MB x265 HEVC Hollywood  Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Full Movie Free Download And Watch Online HD-Movies-300MB

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Full Movie Name: Regression 2015 720p BluRay 450MB x265 HEVC 

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 5.7/10  From 6,424

Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Country: Spain | Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 5 February 2016 (USA)

Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Writer: Alejandro Amenábar
Stars: Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis

Duration: 106 Minutes
Size: 468MB


A young girl is sexually abused by her father. Thus, begins the disturbing tale of a father and daughter torn apart, thrown into the center of a conspiracy that shocks the nation.
Reviews: Regression begins as a detective film about an abused girl and a suspicion involving a Satanic cult involved. This case uses a psychology practice that puts its witnesses and suspects retain their memories at the time of the incidents spoken. It’s an intriguing conceit, eventually shifting into a psychological thriller, though once it went to that newer direction, it starts to linger more on twisted imagery and dumb revelations until it leads to an answer that could have been obvious. It’s not a compelling payoff for a mystery that is somewhat gripping and effectively cold, thus Regression is just an underwhelming mystery film.
Although the film sets its tone well and the mystery can be quite intriguing, the entire plot stumbles within strange moments where they are supposed to deal with something larger and much serious, paranoia that the cult might be following the detective and be their next victim. It’s an absurd assumption, but the story moves on trying to figure out what these suspects are up to by giving the major witnesses a psychological regression. And when the truth has been revealed, there are many problems to count on. The first one is the mastermind; the twist is silly. And two, while the speculation can be interesting, the movie isn’t smart enough to make the audience take that revelation seriously, well at least before it was revealed. The movie is sort of confused what it’s trying to be, it should also be noted that this is supposed to be a true story, but it rather acts like a twisted horror film with Satanic Cults fending off their blood lust and probably hexing the detective, except again, in a paranoid perspective. Their big answer from this mystery doesn’t help overcoming the schlock, it just made it underwhelming.
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